Delete an invoice

Other documents, such as bills or payments, can be deleted in this way as well. The first thing you need to do is select edit mode and click on the icon for Trash.

Please note that deleting a document is a permanent action and cannot be undone. Make sure you are certain that you want to delete the document before proceeding.

🧭 Navigation Menu

Finance ➡️ Sales ➡️ Invoices

🏷️ Example

1. Pick an invoice from the list.

create a direct receipt

2. Click on the Three Dots button on the invoice view page for the dropdown menu, then click Edit.

create a direct receipt

3. The Trash button can be found here.

create a direct receipt

4. It will ask you for your confirmation before proceeding with the deletion. Click on the Delete button.

create a direct receipt

🏁 Results

We have now deleted the invoice.

create a direct receipt

Pro Tip

Invoices that have already been paid cannot be deleted. A payment must be deleted first before an invoice can be deleted.