Change Invoice Number

As a default, the system uses the invoice number format INV-0001. As soon as the next invoice is generated, it will increment by 1.

Overriding this default styling is as simple as directly changing the invoice number. As the system remembers this value, it will increment by +1 for the next consecutive value.

🧭 Navigation Menu

Finance ➡️ Sales ➡️ Invoices ➡️ Add Invoice

🏷️ Example

We will change the new invoice number to 2024 in this example. It will be 2025 after that, then 2026, then 2027, etc.

1. Add an invoice as normal, but click the More Tab. The Invoice Number input text can be updated here.

change invoice number

🏁 Results

When you create invoice 2024, the next invoice will receive the new number and increment it by 1.

The invoice number can be prefixed with whatever letters you like. You can easily use something like XYZ900 in our example, and the system will remember this and increment to XYZ901.

change invoice number

Pro Tip

When you create other documents such as Bills or Direct Payments, you can often set more additional options. Explore the More Tab and see what can be changed.

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