Create an invoice

The add invoice function creates an official document from your company notifying customers of their required payment for the provided products or services. It can be sent as a PDF via email or the weblink can be provided to customers and they can view it online and download the attachment. Our system has both of these options available for your clients/customers.

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📝 Add Invoice Form

create an invoice form

Form Fields

  • ✅ By default, Invoice dateis prepopulated with today’s date.
  • ✅ The Due date can be selected from the calendar or by changing the payment terms in the More tab. This will change the date based on the number of days after the issue date.
  • ✅ The Notes field is where you can add additional information for your customer. A helpful example would be to put your bank account details here so they can pay by direct deposit.

Pro Tip

You can move to the next input field by just hitting the TAB key.