Frequently Asked Questions

Q. You say your accounting software is free. So how do you make your money? You have to eat sometimes...

Our 'Finance Module' is 100% free for the community.

We also offer a paid plan with additional features, such as our 'Payroll Module.' By offering this paid option, we can continue supporting the free plan for users who may not have the budget but still need to meet their reporting requirements.

Q. How do I switch to Gimbla accounting software from my current provider?

We've created a detailed guide on how to transition from your current accounting software to Gimbla Bookkeeping Software. You can find it here.

Q. How do I use your free accounting software?

Gimbla prides itself on being user-friendly and intuitive. We provide a comprehensive user guide with tutorials for every task you might need to complete. You can access the guide here.