Australian company Gimbla launch free, cloud-based accounting software!

Free accounting software designed to save small businesses time, money, and effort!

New South Wales, Australia, November 23rd -

November 2022 marks the launch of Gimbla’s free cloud-based, accounting software. The software is designed to make a positive difference in the way small business run, helping them save crucial resources such as person-power, time and money.

Gimbla’s aim in creating this software is to make high-quality, secure online accounting tools accessible to small businesses at zero cost.

Indeed, all features included in the starter plan are the same as those included in the paid options. The only difference is the cost of drive module file storage. This means that small businesses can reap the benefits of accessing all the advanced features below for exactly $0 AUD.

The features that Gimbla have included in their free accounting software include:

The ability to send invoices and quotes

  • Invoicing is essential for any business to generate income and survive.
  • Forms can be customized with easy-to-use templates.
  • A quote can be sent to customers which, once accepted, can be converted into an invoice.

The ability to take payments & receipts

  • On a cash basis, create a receipt or payment and keep track of income and expenses.
  • No need for customer details.

The ability to send supplier Purchase Orders & Bills

  • If suppliers require a purchase order before they can send the items.
  • The purchase order can be converted to an invoice after the goods have been received.

Business transaction records

  • Journal entries are a way to record business transactions for an accounting system.
  • There are many types of journal entries, allowing businesses to prepare different reports.

Income Statements and balance sheets

  • With our software, you can quickly generate your company's key financial statements.
  • Use balance sheets to reveal the business's assets, liabilities and equity at a given moment.
  • Create a summary of your business's revenue and expense over a period with income statements

Access Control based on assigned roles

  • Assign specific roles to specific users
  • Allow access to different accounting areas based on these roles
  • Choose from read, write, or delete only access

Gimbla has even included a range of additional features, once again all accessible in their free software options, which provides maxim functionality to small businesses without the worry about the cost.

These include

  • Schedule recurring invoices to record your weekly or monthly sales

There are many benefits to using a scheduled recurring invoice system to record your weekly or monthly sales. These invoices can help you easily keep track of your revenue, manage your cash flow more effectively, and prevent late payments from customers.

  • Excellent customer support at no cost

All the help you need without having to worry about how much it's costing your business.

  • Transform your document into a reflection of your brand with customisable templates.

Customisable templates allow you easily reflect their style in all your accounting documents so they align with the rest of your brand.

  • Mobile compatibility

Use on desktop or on mobile devices for maximum flexibility.

  • Give your customers credit notes for refunds or returns that they can apply to their invoices.

Supply customers with credit notes, so they can easily receive a refund when needed and apply this amount to their existing invoices, making it easier to manage their payments and stay on top of their finances. Additionally, providing credit notes also allows businesses to build stronger relationships with their customers by showing that they are committed to delivering top-quality customer support and service. Overall, supplying customers with credit notes is a great way to enhance your relationship with them and help them stay on top of their finances.

  • Use bank rules for your bank statement imports

Automatically generate new transactions and sort them by category.

Gimbla is an Australian-based company with the goal of making small businesses more efficient and cost-effective to run. Our approach is to grapple with the hard things such as keeping accurate accounts for your business and devise software that makes the process easy, allowing you to put your attention and effort into what you do best - running your business.

Here at Gimbla, we are always striving to improve the quality of the products and services we offer our clients. We do this by actively listening to customer feedback and welcoming constructive criticism and new ways of doing things.

One of our most significant aims is to add more useful features to our free accounting software, so it's even more helpful for our clients.

Here at Gimbla we also take security very seriously, which is why we built our free accounting software platform with Google Cloud Security, something that means you can be sure that your small business data is always secure and safe.

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